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The Hacker magazine — the most popular computer magazine in Russia. Made for people who are deeply interested with information security and IT in common, programming and building information systems. Every month: fresh software security flaws, best viruses and trojans, real life histories of computer attacks from hacker's position, computer tips&tricks.
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PenTest Magazine is a weekly downloadable IT security magazine, devoted exclusively to penetration testing. It features articles by penetration testing specialists and enthusiasts, experts in vulnerability assessment and management. All Zero Nights atendees can subscribe ( to PenTest Magazine using special 30% discount code - ED30PEN . Check our great issues here ( and join the World's Pentesting Crew today!

Hakin9 is a source of news and information about offensive hacking methods as well as ways of securing systems, networks and applications. Our main aim is to spread this knowledge and to make it accessible to everyone, whether they are professionals or hobbyists. Hakin9 is the biggest IT security publication in the world, reaching 100 000 readers. First issue was published on the European market in 2005, but the magazine quickly gained its popularity on the American, Australian and English markets. Nowadays, Hakin9 is available online while its print version is licensed in Africa only. Every issue is dedicated to a certain theme and the articles are written by highly qualified specialists who put theory into practise. Our readers are people from all over the world who are: companies' managers, hackers, evangelists, companies specialized in IT protection and many more. For more informations please contact:

Hack Insight is a leading IT Security Magazine focused on hacking. Their experts prepare step-by-step tutorials, which include shellcode and information on how to defend against a hack and how to address vulnerabilities. The magazine dedicates its attention to issues surrounding Network Scanning, Malware, Cloud Security, DDoS, Hacking ID/Passwords, Mobile and Cyber Security, Reverse Engineering, WiFi Vulnerabilities and much more.
Hack Insight Magazine articles are written by specialists and experts who take theory and put it into practice. Covering important trends, providing relevant tips and tricks, and helping technical skill building remains a critical goal.
Their adventure has started with our launch issue, which was published on 24.01.2013 and we hope that every month the magazines coverage will become an increasing asset, resources and place for insight into the evolving world of IT Security.

Cyber Defense Magazine is by ETHICAL, HONEST, PASSIONATE information security professionals for IT Security professionals. Our mission is to share cutting edge knowledge, real world stories and independent lab reviews on the best ideas, products and services in the information technology industry.
If it’s cutting edge news, or innovative infosec products and services — you will find it here. Sign up today for your always free electronic subscription our e-Magazine, delivered as a downloadable PDF.

Hack In The Box — the home of HITBSecNews, HITB's news portal gathering the latest news from the security industry and hacker underground. HITBSecForum, for security related discussions, HITBSecConf our deep-knowledge security conference held in Malaysia and The Netherlands and of course HITB Magazine - our quarterly print publication distributed in electronic and print formats.
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The core of CONFidence is a two-day conference with workshops, but the whole event is so much more. CONFidence offers not only the best speakers, current topics and top trainings, but (even more importantly) cool contests, crazy social events and a time and space to meet community members face-to-face, talk, drink and hack. Previous editions included stay in a Hackers’ Squad, Hacking Contests, Hackers for Charity Roulette and big After Party.
The first CONFidence conference was organized in 2005 as a project created by a group of Polish enthusiasts committed to improving the security of IT applications. Since those early years it has evolved into the largest meeting of hackers in Poland that annually gathers almost 500 participants: IT security professionals from government, industry, banking sector and academia as well as researchers and developers.

Softline Company founded in 1993 is the leading supplier of a wide spectrum of software on the market of Russia and the CIS countries. Today Softline is an authorized partner of more than 300 well-known domestic and world-wide developers (Microsoft, Symantec&VERITAS, Citrix, IBM, McAfee, Novell, Oracle, VMWare, Corel, Adobe etc.).

POC started in 2006 and has been organized by Korean hackers & security experts. It is an international security & hacking conference in Korea. POC doesn't pursue money. POC concentrates on technical and creative discussion and shows real hacking and security. POC wears both black hat and white hat. POC will share knowledge for the sake of the power of community. POC believes that the power of community will make the world safer.

Nullcon Goa — International Security Conference brings together CXOs, Security Researchers, IT Professionals and Senior Management in a collaborative environment to present and discuss issues relating to IT security. The conference would be attended by eminent representatives of the Information Security domain, leaders of large and small enterprises, senior Government officials, policy and decision makers from around the globe. See more at:

RISSPA (Russian Information Systems Security Professional Association) was founded in June 2006 under the patronage of (ISC)2 and has the official ALIG (Affiliated Local Interest Group) status. Main objectives of RISSPA include developing information security professional community, providing opportunities for sharing ideas and experience, promoting information security ideas as well as increasing the level of professional skills, establishing and developing Russian certification system for information security experts. The Association provides the opportunity for its members to participate in professional seminars, for which CPE (Continued Professional Education Points) can be claimed valuable to the holders of the (ISC)2 and other international organizations' certifications as confirmation of ongoing education. RISSPA is a nonprofit Association and membership is free of charge.