Digital Security is an innovative company engaged in the research of ERP security particularly in SAP and develops products for SAP system security. Apart from this the company renders consulting services for secure configuration, development and implementation of SAP systems, and conducts comprehensive assessments and penetration testing of custom solutions. Digital Security Leading SAP AG partner in discovering and solving security vulnerabilities. Digital Security experts are frequent speakers in prime International conferences held in USA, EUROPE, CEMEA and ASIA such as BlackHat, RSA, HITB, Defcon, InfoSecurity and others. Digital Security researchers gain multiple acknowledgements from biggest software vendors like SAP, Oracle, IBM, VMware, Adobe, HP, Kasperskiy, Apache, Alcatel and others for finding vulnerabilities in their solutions.

Software People is a community of professionals involved in the process of creation of the software and also it is an annual conference, the people and for people who make software products. Community members are eligible for subsidized visits to main events in the industry, the ability to publish and participate in discussions, as well subscribe to the news portal.
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Defcon Group #7812 is an independent and open community united by the interests in the field of IT and IS. The main goal of the community is a creation of comfortable area for experience exchanging and knowledge, for raising practical skills of specialists in the field of IS. Defcon Group #7812 unites IS technical specialists of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities and CIS countries. During monthly meetings of Defcon Group #7812 participants specialists act with reports and master classes concerning questions of practical security.
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Yandex is the largest internet company in Europe operating the most popular search engine in Russia also providing search services for users in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In September 2011 Yandex launched a search engine and web portal in Turkey.