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“Gazinformservice” Ltd. is one of the largest integrators in the field of security in Russia and the developer of unique means of information security, specializing on creation of security systems and information technology for large corporations. The head office is in St.-Petersburg. Staff — more than 800 employees. Company branches settle down in such cities as Moscow, New Urengoe, Ukhta, Omsk and Samara.

The company carries out all complex of services for info security maintenance: is engaged in working out of software products, designing, introduction, support, preparation of the customer experts, and also participates in working out of the standard documentation.

“Gazinformservice” Ltd. renders services of the certifying center, test laboratory, spends attestative and certified works, and also renders consulting services in the field of IT security and technical means of protection.

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From its beginnings in 1985, Qualcomm has grown from seven individuals meeting in a den to a world-leading provider of wireless technology and services. Qualcomm is a global company, a firm with many facets, with each business division changing the way we live and work through its own unique contributions. But no matter what each Qualcomm business does, all are united by a single, driving passion: to continue to deliver the world’s most innovative wireless solutions.

In 1997 when the company was founded our main enemy was cyber-hooliganism. At the start of the 2000s this was overtaken by organized cybercrime, and our task became considerably more difficult: on the other side of the barricades there wasn’t a bunch of uncoordinated hackers any more; large cross-border cyber-criminal structures had firmly established themselves — illegally earning millions of dollars in profits. Today, cyber-crime been joined by a new and much more fearsome phenomenon — cyber-warfare. Recent cyber-war attacks such as Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame show how it’s not just “business” any more, but politics, with those behind cyber-warfare not in it for the money. They’ve got different objectives. Cyber-warfare activities are also much greater in scale, or rather — reach, so the destructive force of attacks has gone up too. We’ve seen how poorly protected IT infrastructure can be exploited to paralyze whole cities, industries, even countries. Thus we’ve entered an ominous new era — that of cyber-warfare. What we need to do in response is join forces in a worldwide fight for security.

For our company this new era sure is a challenge. The goalposts have moved, but we’re moving with them. But we’ve had nothing but moving goalposts now for 15 years! We’ve always had to deal with new threats, so we’ve gotten well used to always being on guard and not letting it down for just a second. So figuratively, but also as a matter of fact, our guys work 24 hours, seven days a week, and 365 days a year in keeping the guard up and maintaining protection from threats. Over our 15 year history we’ve built up a gigantic database, containing more than 94 million samples of malware and around 300 million trusted — whitelisted — files.

Official beverage:

Club-Mate is made from mate — an old South American jungle plant. With its naturally occurring unique combination of stimulants, mate is still working miracles, even in this day and age.

Club-Mate — is often to be seen at hacker hang-outs: not a single significant meeting goes without it. Bruce Sterling mentioned in his publication in the Wired magazine, that it is the favorite beverage of the German Chaos Computer Club community, as well as of Noisebridge and Hope. In USA the legedary magazine 2600: The Hacker Quarterly is responsible for the distribution of Club-Mate.